Debalina Mazumdar with great granddaughter and family

This is an extract from a set of videos of conversations with Debalina Mazumdar in Summer 2005 in Kolkata shot by Rajsaday Dutt.

The clip is largely a random collection of family interactions. At one point, Debalina Mazumdar (Mimma) tells a story about her older sister, niece and her father. At another point, she has her great grand daughter, Mihika Dutt, in her lap. Mihika was about 4 months old at the time.

Others who feature in the clip include (in no particular order): Saumi Dutt, Mihika Dutt (the little baby), Kamilini Mazumdar (Bubi), Veena Mazumdar, Nayantara Mazumdar (Tisha), Jayanta Mazumdar (Mejda), Shohini Mazumdar (Misha), Sunayani Sengupta (Titu), Bhaskar Mazumdar, Krishna Mazumdar (Manu), Anuradha Gupta (Shikha), Abhijit Gupta, Anusuya Dasgupta (Gopa), Achinto Dasgupta. Tilak Shankar Mazumdar and Rajsaday Dutt can be heard in the background.