Photos & Videos

Photos by Debalina Mazumdar and Manobina Roy

Old Family Photographs:


  • A short excerpt from a BBC Bangla Service interview with Pratima Raychaudhuri in 2011. For those who do not follow Bengali, she is talking about her Santiniketan days (she was schooled there from the age of 12) and recalling an occasion when she watched Rabindranath Tagore painting. She speaks of her surprise at his technique – instead of using paint brushes, Tagore used all 5 fingers, dipping them into the paints. My mother asks him what the painting is called. Tagore laughs and replies that a painting is a painting, it does not have a name.


  • Rohit Desai and Geeta Desai
  • Devsaday Dutt and Priyadarshini Dutt

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