Family Trees

Listed below are the some of the families that interlink.  The families are listed by the oldest known member.

Rajsaday Dutt’s family

Saumi Dutt’s family


One thought on “Family Trees

  1. Rajsaday,

    Under Brajendranath De family you need to add a few more names: those of the third surviving daughter, Naba Nalini Basu, wife of Prof. Satish Chandra Basu, of the Indian Education Service, who studied at the University of Nebraska, and later retired as Professor of Economics from Hooghly College, Chinsura, Hooghly, and Sisir Kumar De, Esq., the youngest child of his parents, who studied in England before joining the Life Insurance Corporation of India. His wife was Madhuri De (nee Biswas) whose father was Rai Saheb Hara Shankar Biswas of the Bengal Civil Service. He was a Deputy Magistrate and Collector. His cousin was the eminent Rabindrasangeet singer, Debabrata Biswas.

    Hemanta Kumar De, Esq. was the fifth surviving child after whom were born Prafulla Nalini De and Sarasi Nalini Datta, in that order. My grandfather came next. Baba’s chotopishima, Nirmal Nalini Dutta, was younger than my grandfather and older than Baba’s kaka.

    Two other children were born to Brajendranath and Nagendranandini De. They were Lalit Kumar De, the eldest child and Kanak Nalini De, who was older than Baba’s sejopishima, Naba Nalini Basu. They died tragically in infancy.

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