Hatti-ma-tim-tim (Hattimatimtim)

As children recite this, they put their hands on their hips and squat to the second line to indicate the laying of eggs; and then stick their fists against the sides of their head with their forefingers extended to the third line to indicate horns.

Children often confuse the actions doing the wrong action to the wrong line 🙂

Phonetically in Roman script:

      Tara mathay paarey dim,
      Taader khada duto singh,
      Tara Hattimatimtim.


In Bengali (draft being verified)

      তারা মাঠে পাড়ে ডিম,
      তাদের খাডা দুটো সিং,
      তারা হাটিমাটিমটিম.


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