Debalina Mazumdar talking about how her father, Binod Behari Sen-Roy, had wanted to be an artist – 2011

This is an extract from a set of conversations between Debalina Mazumdar and Rajsaday Dutt in 2011.

In this clip, Debalina Mazumdar briefly touches on her uncle and her grandfather.  She goes onto describe the advice she received from her father, Binod Behari Sen-Roy, on photography and how he prepared photographic chemicals.

She relates an anecdote about how an artist named Shashikesh had offered Binod Behari the opportunity to go with him to France and become an artist.  Unfortunately, Binod Behari’s father didn’t permit him to go.  It was, she says, one of the major regrets in Binod Behari’s life.

She also touches a little on her work with the Photography Association of Bengal, where she served as President for three years.


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