Uma Bose

Uma Boseicon female small Uma Bose icon tree small Uma BoseBorn:
Father: Dharani Kumar BoseMother: Prabha Bose
Children: none
Siblings: none

She was a disciple of Dilipkumar Roy, with whom she composed several songs. Her popularity coincided with the increase in the popularity of Bengali songs in the 1920s and 1930s. With the growth of people interested in listening to musical records, the gramophone companies in Bengal competed with each other to produce increasing number of records by new composers, lyricists and singers. Bose belongs to that generation of Bengali singers who gainfully capitalized on the outburst in popular interest in Bengali songs which also coincided with the ongoing national movement. Such was her popularity, that Mahatma Gandhi described her as ‘The Nightingale of Bengal’ in 1937.


  • Aaj Faguner Protham Diney (1938)
  • Aakasher Chand Matir Phuletey (1943)
  • Rupey Barney Gandhey (1940)
  • Key Tomarey Janatey Parey (1943)
  • Jibaney Maroney Esho (1940)
  • Chand Kahey Chameli Go Hey Nirupama (1938)
  • Jharano Patar Pathey (1938)
  • Neel Pori (1940)
  • Andharer Dorey Gatha (1941)
  • Prokitir Ghomtakhani Khol (1937)
  • Tomaye Guni Jeno Shuni (1937)
  • Rangajabaye Kaajki Ma Tore (1943)
  • Mon Tumi Krishi Kaaj Jano Na (1937)
  • Nirjharini (1940)
  • Aji Tomar Kachey Bhashiya Jayee (1937)
  • O Amar Mon Bholano (1939)
  • Modhu Murali Baajey (1940)

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