Raja Mukund Dutt

Raja Mukund Dutticon male small Raja Mukund Dutt icon tree small Raja Mukund DuttBorn:
Father: Acharya Chatrupani DuttMother: Unspecified
Children: Sundarram Duttachaudhury, Swaroop Dutt, Gangahari Dutt
Siblings: Mahipati Dutt, Armalla Dutt

Ruler of Jakiganj-Karimganj.

He became the Jagirdar of the Delhi Sultanate. The Jagir then passed onto his grandson Raja Sriharihar Duttachaudhury.  The Chaudhury title was conferred by the Delhi Sultans on him.

In the Muslim era the property title was vested in the Emperor  for the entire country, and the Emperor conferred the Jagirdar title to the descendant that was considered the most capable. They got no salary but were entitled to keep a portion of the taxes collected and pass on most of it to the Nawab of Bengal, the Governor of the Emperor, who in turn passed on the tax to the Emperor after retaining his share.

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