Kanon Behari Sen-Roy

Kanon Behari Sen-Royicon male small Kanon Behari Sen Roy icon tree small Kanon Behari Sen RoyBorn:
Father: Shyamacharan Sen RayMother: Bhabatarini Sen Ray
Children: Karun Kant Sen-Roy, Sonali Rossellini , Pratima Raychaudhuri, Arati Dasgupta
Siblings: Tarit Behari Sen Ray, Pulin Behari Sen Ray, Lalit Behari Senroy, Khirod Behari Sen Ray, Binod Behari Sen Ray

He was a doctor.  In his youth, he joined the British Army and served in Mesopotamia and Afghanistan in World War I.  After an honorable discharge from the army, he went on to serve as the District Medical officer in UP.  He went on to become the first Indian DIG of Civil Hospitals (his Indian title was Ray Bahadur).

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  1. I know who you are but I have never met you. I would like to correct couple of things. The name is spelled “Sen Roy” and not “Sen Ray”. The name of my eldest sister was “Arati” and not Arami!
    My father’s correct title was “DIG of Civil Hospitals”.
    Rana is my nickname. My full name is Karun Kant Sen-Roy.
    I hope you will correct them.
    Leenadidi was my cousin sister. Her father and my father were brothers.
    Best regards

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