Binod Behari Sen Ray

Binod Behari Sen Rayicon male small Binod Behari Sen Ray icon tree small Binod Behari Sen RayBorn:
Father: Shyamacharan Sen RayMother: Bhabatarini Sen Ray
Children: Debalina Mazumdar, Manobina Roy, Anusya Dasgupta
Siblings: Tarit Behari Sen Ray, Kanon Behari Sen-Roy, Pulin Behari Sen Ray, Lalit Behari Senroy, Khirod Behari Sen Ray

He followed his father and grandfather’s footstep and went into teaching.  He used to teach and served as Principal of Nanikchand High School in Meerat.  Later he went on to serve as the Headmaster of Meston High School, which used to be the Benares Maharaja’s school.

As a young man, he had wanted to become an artist. An artist named Shashikesh had offered Binod Behari the opportunity to go with him to France and become an artist.  Unfortunately, Binod Behari’s father didn’t permit him to go.  It was one of the greatest regrets in Binod Behari’s life. He could, despite the lack of formal training, still paint wonderful watercolors, none of which have survived.

Binod Behari was able to channel his talent for art into photography. He emphasized composition and background and viewed photography as painting with light. As was usual for the age, he had a darkroom that was a veritable chemical lab where he prepared photographic chemicals. He passed his passion for photography down to his daughters, Manobina and Debalina, both of whom became among the first women photographers in India.

Here is a clip of his daughter, Debalina Mazumdar, describing her father’s advice on photography and art:

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