Bhabatarini Sen Ray

Bhabatarini Sen Rayicon female small Bhabatarini Sen Ray icon tree small Bhabatarini Sen RayBorn:
Father: UnspecifiedMother: Unspecified
Children: Tarit Behari Sen Ray, Kanon Behari Sen-Roy, Pulin Behari Sen Ray, Lalit Behari Senroy, Khirod Behari Sen Ray, Binod Behari Sen Ray
Siblings: none

Her maiden name was Bhabatarini Gupta.  She was the daughter of a famous family of lawyers from Allahabad.

Their family originally hailed from Bikrampur.  Faced with the deaths of the younger male heirs of the family, the family moved to Allahabad.  In Allahabad, apart from being famous lawyers, the family became renowned for their hospitality.  Every day, at least 40-50 people would dine at their house.  every Bengali who visited Allahabad would be invited to eat at their house.


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