Shyamacharan Sen Ray

Shyamacharan Sen Rayicon male small Shyamacharan Sen Ray icon tree small Shyamacharan Sen RayBorn:
Father: UnspecifiedMother: Unspecified
Children: Tarit Behari Sen Ray, Kanon Behari Sen-Roy, Pulin Behari Sen Ray, Lalit Behari Senroy, Khirod Behari Sen Ray, Binod Behari Sen Ray
Siblings: none

He was from a place from Benda Gram (villaje) in Joshor.  His father died when he was just nine.  With nothing to keep them in Joshor, his paternal grandfather decided they should move to Benares.  After selling all their holdings in Joshor, his aging grandfather, mother, siblings and he set off for Benares by boat with all their worldly posessions with them.

A few days into the trip they docked in a port in a village in modern Uttar Pradesh when the local zamindar spied the family.  The zamindar was entranced by Shyamacharan’s sister.  Later that day, just as they were about to depart, the zamindar arrived with his goons and announced he liked the girl and wanted her for himself.  Despite the tearful protestations of the mother and children and the best efforts of the frail aging grandfather, the zamindar’s goons forcibly removed the sister and under threat of death, sent the rest of them packing.  They never saw his sister again.

In Benares, they bought a lot of land.  Shayamacharan’s grandfather went on to meet the then King of Benares, His Highness Maharaja Bahadur Sri Sir Ishwari Prasad Narayan Singh, who was so impressed with Shayamacharan’s grandfather that he asked him to tutor his nephew and future king,  His Highness Maharaja Prabhu Narayan Singh Sahib Bahadur.

Shyamacharan Sen Ray, himself, went on to serve as tutor himself and served as the Private Secretary for the King of Benares.


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  1. After the death of shyama charan his eldest son Lalit behari became Private secretary of Maharaja Prabhu Narayan Singh Lalitbehari was titled RayBhadur.Maharaja Aditya Narayan son of Maharaja Prabhu Narayan was childless. So LalitBehari made all arrangements with British Government for adoption of Bibhuti Narayan as son of Aditya Narayan . Bhibhuti Narayan ascended the throne as Maharaja of Beneras Ramnagar Fort..LalitBehari Sen Roy accompanied Maharaja Prabhu Narayan Singh being hiis Private Secretary at Delhi Darbar 1911 December. The road in front of Lalit Behri-s house at benares cantt is named after him Lalit Behari Sen Marg , Patel Nagar Nadeswar Varanasi Late Khirod behari sen Roy, chief engineer Holker State was the only son of shayam charan by his first wife. Shayamacharan again married the sister of his first wife after her death. Lalitbehari., Binodbehari,Pulinbehari, kanonbehari and Taritbehari were son s by his second wife./Kanon Behari was not Raybahadur Lina Majumder and Bina roy ( monobina ) wife of Director Bimal Roy were two daughters of Binodbehari senroy. Saradindu senroy a great artist and awarded Presidents Gold Medal was Son ofPulinbehari senroy,Protima roychowdhury (Hashi ) wife of Tapan Rowchowdhury renowned Historian , and Sonali Sen Roy were daughters of Kanon behari SenRoy ,.My father late Dibeyendu SenRoy was Private Secretary of Maharaja Aditya Narayan Singh for few months .Afterwards he left state and joined Chartered Bank. After retirement he was executive director of Bank of Bhutan Bhutan After that he took charge as Chairman of Beneras state Bank of Maharaja of Beneras at the request of Maharaja Bhibhti Narayan Singh Who was a close friend of my father.

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