Triguna Sen, Dr.

Triguna Sen, Dr.icon male small Triguna Sen, Dr. icon tree small Triguna Sen, Dr.Born: 1905Died: 1998
Father: UnspecifiedMother: Sushila Sen
Children: Suhrita Bhattacharyya, Mamata Dutta
Siblings: Shaila Sen, Surochi Sen

Dr. Triguna Sen was a multifaceted personality. An eminent educationist, ardent freedom fighter, able administrator and a very conscientious parliamentarian, Dr. Sen remained, throughout his life, closely associated with a range of institutional endeavours towards promotion of education and related issues.

In his youth, Dr Sen had been a freedom fighter and a part of the Indian revolutionary movement. At the age of 16, he had built and thrown a home made bomb at some British dignitaries. He would have been arrested but for the intervention of his family, who arranged to have him shipped to Germany, where he studied Engineering and later returned to India.

He was highly committed to the cause of imparting quality education in diverse disciplines, especially in science and technology. He helped establish Jadavpur University in 1955 through his sustained efforts. In his capacity, first as the Rector and later as the Vice-Chancellor of Jadavpur University, he unrelentingly worked for the growth of the University and his contributions remain unparalleled in making the University into a premier institute of learning in India.

Though he was associated with many other institutions of eminence, prominent among them being the Banaras Hindu University, where he was the Vice-Chancellor for a short duration, and the Institution of Engineers (India), where he remained for two years as its President, the Jadavpur University and the Alumni Association of the National Council of Education, Bengal remained his first love.

In 1965, he was awarded the prestigious national honour of ‘Padma Bhushan’.

In 1967, Indira Gandhi inducted him into her Union Cabinet as Education Minister. Dr. Sen was instrumental in enunciating the National Education Policy of 1968 which was formulated on the basis of the Report of the Kothari Commission on Education, of which Dr. Sen himself was a member. He looked upon education as an investment in national development and believed that properly organized education had the power to ensure national development and also achieve the much needed secular polity and national integration.

Later, during 1969-71, as the Union Minister in-charge of Petroleum, Chemicals and Minerals, Dr. Sen got the stringent drug prices control order issued, thereby, fixing the minimum prices of essential drugs to the benefit of the people in need. In the area of Petroleum, as the Minister in-charge, he remained a motivational force behind accelerating the pace of oil exploration process so as to reduce the deficit in crude oil in the country.

Dr. Sen proved to be an accomplished parliamentarian and a very persuasive speaker during his tenure as the member of the Rajya Sabha from 1967 to 1974. His transparent image and the enviable ability to ingeniously handle even the most complex issues made him endearing to one and all. More than anything else, Dr. Triguna Sen was a firm believer in ethical values in public life.

Till the very end of his life, Dr Sen never lost the vigor for life. He continued to campaign against injustice till nearly his dying days. However, as he grew older he became more philosophical, greatly inspired by the teachings of Ramkrishna and Vivekananda, he lived an almost ascetic life which reflected their teachings.

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  1. A sincere thanks for the write-up.

    The name of her second daughter is Suhrita Bhattacharya, not Amba Bhattacharyya. I am the daughter of Suhrita, and will be more than happy to provide more information on my grandfather.

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    Churni Bhattacharya

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