This site is dedicated to my daughters, nieces and nephews who may never have the opportunity to know the family.

The people in these pages have made significant contributions to humanity not only through their work in art, science, education and leadership in various forms, but also by just being great parents.  Yet, we know so little about them.

We live but for a few short years and then unceremoniously pass on, leaving behind only traces of ourselves in the yellowing pages of something we may have written, in the few fading pictures that preserve an instant that had already slipped our grasp before the image had even fully formed, and the dwindling memories of the few who remain whom we knew in our lifetimes.  But, these too must fade, until, in the end, nothing remains, no trace that we were or had ever been.

The extinction is inevitable.

This site strives to stave off the inevitable for just a little longer and preserve the few remaining memories of those to whom, whether we remember or not, we owe so much. To be condemned to be forgotten does not render life meaningless.  To remember those who pass gives the few who remain a glimpse of the meaning we may have missed.



This site would not have been possible without the significant contributions from Debalina Mazumdar, Devsaday Dutt, Geeta Desai, Thakorlal Parikh, Bikramjit De, Karun Kant Sen-Roy, Jayanta Mazumder, Kamalini Mazumdar and Khaled Choudhury.  A big thank you to all of them for their help!

If while reading this you find the biographies bear a striking resemblance to the entries in Wikipedia, wonder no longer.  While the site is largely original material, where Wikipedia had a good article, the site has borrowed information from the Wikipedia article and supplemented it with anecdotes and information obtained from family members.  Wherever significant portions of the material is sourced from Wikipedia, the “Family Trees” page provides links to the relevant Wikipedia articles.



This site is a project.  It is by its very nature unfinished.  If you happen to have other anecdotes, information, materials, suggestions or corrections, please leave a comment or email info@rajsaday.com and we’ll endeavor to add it to the site.

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  1. Dear Sir, my friend Ram Murti Sharma is a character actor in Mumbai. He acted with Aditya Bhattacharya in Rihaee in 1989. He wants to urgently contact him re a film. Can you kindly help us by giving his contact address (email/ mobile/ fax/ postal address etc)? We shall be profoundly grateful. Kind regards

  2. Hello. We have a small website (www.etihas.in) about history, arts and culture where we are going to feature a radio interview with Joy Bimal Roy (that was recorded a few years ago). For this, we want to use some archival photos of Bimal Roy and his family members, some of which are featured on this website. We hope you would have no problem with this. Joy already knows about this interview. You can soon see the interview on http://www.etihas.in

    • I have permission to use the photos on the site, but I do not necessarily own the photos. You should contact Joy Roy and Kamalini Mazumdar. If they have given permission then I have no objection.

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